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Julia Silver

Guitar Bag

Guitar Bag

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This guitar bag, made from vegan black and white leather, is designed to be played. Its keypad starts three-quarters of the way down the top of the bag and goes down until you reach the pickguard. Once plugged into the mini amp attached to the bottom left, the keypad enables you to play the bag. To activate it, turn on the power switch located at the bottom of the bag, and wait for the red light to turn on. Once the light is on, touch the touchpad, which serves as the neck of the guitar, to start hearing the sound. You can modify the tune by placing your fingers on different parts of the keypad. The bag also features volume and tone buttons on the amplifiers that can be adjusted to change the sound. The bag comes with a strap that can be worn around your shoulder or as a crossbody bag. The volume/tone controls/pickups on the bag are not functional but serve as a decorative feature.

Synthetic Cotton, Faux Leather

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